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Dyalla Swain

‘‘ I mainly learn from youtube tutorials and through trial and error! ’’

By Dyalla SwainDecember 6, 2017

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Hi Dyalla! Can you briefly introduce yourself and your music for new listeners?

Hey! I’m Dyalla Swain, a music producer from Taupo, New Zealand.

Let’s start from the beginning. I read that your journey as a producer started with Casey Neistat. Can you explain more?

I have always been passionate about music, but as I got older music took a backseat when I studied design at University. In the final year of my degree, I had an epiphany that I needed to find a way to make music happen in my life.

So I started setting aside time when I got home every night from studying and training to make something everyday. I love that real raw hustle, I was exhausted but just powered through it. At the time, I was also watching a lot of fitness YouTubers to get tips on training, a lot of the comments would say that these people were copying Casey Neistat’s style so I had to look him up.

I was hooked from the first video.

I fell in love with his style and the type of music he was using – so I decided to make music like that in pursuit of the vlog!

@caseyneistat I make vlog beats! Link in my bio 😎

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Did you have any prior experience with beatmaking or playing instruments? How did you self-learn how to make beats?

Guitar is the main instrument, but I can play the drums, bass, and a little bit of piano.

I mainly learn from youtube tutorials and through trial and error!

I think it’s easier to learn by doing, it has helped me as I’m finding my style more and more every time I make a track.

Not every track is built the same. But can you share your general approach or process in making a beat?

I used to sample old soul tracks a lot, but as this has become my fulltime job I’ve been focusing more on what I want my music to sound like. My process these days is to make a song on the guitar with some singing, record it, then sample that. It’s the only way I’ve found to make the songs unique for me.

What does your home studio setup look like. What are the essential gear in your workflow?


There is my home studio. Here are my essential gear:

Since the initial exposure from Casey’s vlogs, how have you been attracting and growing your audience base?

The exposure from Casey is ever-growing. His audience is so varied and large that it has brought out so many random and amazing opportunities. When he first used my music, I went crazy and just made so many tracks (sometimes 3 a week) because I was just buzzing from the exposure and working with my favourite Youtuber and learning as I went along. This helped keep my momentum going with followers.

I also used to send emails every week to other Youtubers that I wanted to use my music, like Gary Vee and Karlie Koss etc.

YouTubers need a lot of music and offering tunes for free is a big part of how I continue to grow.

Can you breakdown how you earn income: What are the different sources? What % of the total does each contribute?

This roughly how it goes each month.


  • Spotify: 80%
  • Patreon: 10%
  • Downloads (bandcamp, theartistunion etc): 8%
  • Other Streaming (Apple Music, Deezer): 2%

You have a lot of interesting art pieces for your track listings on SoundCloud/Bandcamp. Where does the art come from?


A post shared by Dyalla S. (@dyallas) on

My partner Kieron is an amazing visual artist. He has been experimenting with a lot of liquid painting techniques this year and I love to use them for my songs. It feels special to be able to incorporate his work with mine and I think it goes well with my music!

In November 2017, who do we find in your personal playlist?

I have a wide variety of stuff I listen to, a lot of the time I listen to artists that inspire me like Andrew Applepie, Joakim Karud, BAYNK, Mura Masa and Odesza.

What tips would give to new (female) creators who want to turn music into a full-time living?

Use the fact that you are a female doing a male driven business, and be yourself. Even though it’s cliché and sometimes obvious, I’ve found that when I truly push myself and put myself out there, it comes across in the music.

It’s about finding what you love doing and always growing with it.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Finally, what’s next for you?

Dyalla Swain - What's Next

I’m so new to this whole thing, so right now I’m just trying to get better at producing and find my sound. I’m so lucky to be in the situation I am, so I have no intention of slowing down! 🙂

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