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Ras Kitchen

‘‘ The world's first (and best) Rasta cooking show ’’

By Matthew PancerSeptember 6, 2017

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Hi Matthew, can you introduce Ras Kitchen to new viewers?

We the world’s first (and best) Roots Rasta cooking show…..starring Rasta Mokko, straight from St Thomas parish, Jamaica. A mix of cooking show and documentary….we make Jamaican classics, true Ital, and Mokko’s own creations.

[Daniel: Mokko is the chef at the parish of St. Thomas. He runs Riverside Cool Cottages in Sunning Hill and spends his time as a tour guide and bush doctor. Fun fact: He hasn’t cut his hair since 1971. More on the cast here.]

How did you come up with the concept for Ras Kitchen?

Was always into the music from the island (dub, reggae, jungle) and heard that Rasta’s have their own way of cooking called “Ital”. But I learned quickly that not every Rasta is cooking Ital, so that’s why we say we do a mix of Caribbean styles.

[Daniel: Ital cuisine was developed by Rastafarians. It is a natural way of cooking that tries to avoid processed food, additives, oil, salt and sugar. Ital dishes are usually vegetarian or vegan.]

What was your professional background before Youtube? When did you decide to quit the day job?

Quit the day job?! Hell no, this is just a side thing! I’m involved in a few businesses, but the main one is I’m a freelancer in video production.

Has filming Mokko affected your life? How so?

It’s been awesome to become close with the whole family in Jamaica, as I’ve been staying there since 2010. It hasn’t really affected my life, other than having a fun way to be creative, and I guess it’s an interesting answer when I’m on a date: “So what do you do?”…. Well, I have this Rasta cooking show in Jamaica (ahem)…..

What is one quote by Mokko that you would like to have on a billboard back at home?

“No Fuckery!”

What does your weekly schedule look like? Do you take any days off, and what determines if you’ve had a successful week?

I have been consistently putting out one video a week since February….so I feel successful if I can get a nice quality video up every week.

[Daniel: On average, Matt spends two hours filming…and 10-15 hours of editing for a video! ]

What were the most effective marketing channels you used in reaching your first 10K subscribers?

I am probably the worst person to ask about this. I don’t “market”. I just make good content and have faith that if it is good, people will be into it. We are probably the slowest climb to 10k [subscribers] in the history of YouTube. Any tips for me?

What channels (besides Youtube ads) are you using to monetize your Youtube subscriber base? What has been the most reliable?


Only thing we do is some basic merch. We have a Shopify store integrated with Printful for products and fulfillment. I really like how they work together, especially since I had very little experience with e-commerce. Would like to step up this part of the business.

What were your biggest mistakes, or biggest wastes of time/money in growing Ras Kitchen?

Not being consistent. For 5 years, I just put up things when I had time. Ever since I started putting up videos every week, things have blow up a lot more.

What is a new filming or editing technique that you have learned and used in your videos?

I shot a lot of raw timelapses on the last couple trip. They look amazing but take way too long to process. They are fun to make though, especially when they turn out bad-ass looking.

What is one piece of equipment that you have been completely satisfied with and would recommend to others?

The Olympus 45mm lens is amazing…..very crisp and fast, great price (used).

What’s next for you (and your channel)?

Back to Jamaica this month! Will be shooting a lot more, and I plan on shooting a lot more than just cooking episodes. People want content, not just the final product. I’ll be experimenting with all kinds of videos, and see how they go.

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  • elaineowens1

    Hey Matt, you should do one episode where you wash Mokko’s hair. I’m curious to see how you take care of dreads.

  • James Noir

    New subscriber to your channel 😀 Curious to know more about how you actually met Mokko for the first time?