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Nicole Eddy

‘‘ Just be you, don’t try and fit in with how you want people online to perceive you ’’

By Nicole EddyAugust 27, 2017

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Hi Nicole, can you introduce your channel to new viewers?

My channel (Nicole Eddy) documents the happenings within my life from travel, to being at home in Cape Town to my love of surfing and now my channel is purely focusing on a 3 month road trip in our Land Rover from Cape Town to Kenya and back. Although I don’t vlog daily, my videos are filmed in a daily vlog-like style, capturing a day in my life wherever I may be.

What was your professional background before Youtube? When did you decide to quit the day job and make this a full-time operation?

I had been studying for four years in Cape Town with my area of studies covering Environmental & Geographical Sciences, Film & Media as well as a specialised course in Branding. During this time, I was beginning to share my local South African adventures on my blog during my university holidays, with a focus being on micro-adventures, my environment and surfing. By the time I had finished my final year of studies, I was getting quite a few traveling offers and so decided to take a ‘trial year’ to see if this could all work out instead of going into branding or marketing job, which seemed like the best choice at the time.

How do you finance your travels?

Most of my travels are work-related, and so therefore are covered by either a company or tourism board, with my job being to share those places or countries with my audience through photography, videos and/or my blog. Other of my trips are obviously self-paid, such as this Africa overland trip, which I had been saving up to do, through photography or writing jobs back at home, for a long time.

What is the latest filming or editing technique that you have learned and used in your videos?

I am trying to now film my ‘daily’ style videos with my final edit and overall story always in mind. I used to leave out so many crucial parts that were part of telling the story of my day, and when it came to the edit, I would snooker myself by having to spend longer on the edit to try and make it all make sense due to lacking to film parts that didn’t seem so important during filming. I now always film more than I should, and will redo any talking parts if I’m not 100% happy with it in order to make it more succinct for a one take wonder.

How do you source your music for your Youtube vlogs? Is there a specific style of music you look for?

This is certainly one of the most tedious parts about putting a video together, spending hours and hours searching for music and then trying to get permission to use the tracks. I do get a fair few emails with links and permission to use tracks from artists however I mainly search through Soundcloud to get access to new tracks.

[Daniel: I share a few email templates in my interview on how to contact artists on SoundCloud for music approval]

What does your weekly schedule look like? Do you take any days off, and what determines if you’ve had a successful week?

When I’m home, I’m trying to upload a video weekly, but when on trips our uploads are completely determined by our ability to find some decent internet. I usually have a full day committed to sorting out admin, catch up emails etc. But each week is completely different for me so I have no consistent schedule, which I love.

What were the most effective marketing channels you used in reaching your first 10K subscribers? Did you use the same channels to reach 50K subscribers?

My boyfriend, Ben Brown, had been a daily vlogger during my last 2-3 years at university and so when I was in the videos, people would come across to my empty channel and subscribe, hoping that I would upload something someday. So I very lucky in that by the time that I ad uploaded my first video, I already had a decent sized audience. And from then on, I’ve just been doing my thing & growing at slow & steady pace.

What were your biggest mistakes, or biggest wastes of time/money in growing your Nicole Eddy channel?

I suppose I should have started to upload videos a lot sooner than when I did. There will always be mistake of sorts, but at the same time, I was at a different phase of my life where the online world of YouTube wasn’t really an interest. Another mistake would be that my uploads were so few and far between, and on YouTube, inconsistency doesn’t do one any favours.

What is a recent purchase (<$100) that you have been completely satisfied with and would recommend to others?

A big backup supply of hard drives and SD cards. It’s always good investment.

What do people never ask you that you wish they did?

I actually enjoy the fact that people automatically assume that it might be the ‘easy way out’. Especially when making traveling videos, it always appears that it is an easy option, always on holiday etc., however the tired sunrise starts, the jet-lag, the living out of a suitcase and constantly on the go trying to find unique content as well as the late-night edits are never shown on camera.

What’s in your travel backpack?

A spare hard-drive, spare fully charged batteries, my iPhone, a warm jacket, camera, sunglasses, water and snacks.

Can you show us one of your favorite picture from your travels?

I have two favourites, both are from our time in Kenya. The picture below is of Mount Kenya from a sunrise helicopter flight around the summit.

Nicole Eddy Favorite Picture

The second (below) is from Lake Bogota where a lightning storm started to roll in, a rainbow appeared and thousands of flamingoes took off in front of Ben.

Nicole Eddy Favorite Picture 2

What advice would you give to new Youtubers?

Keep persevering. Keep uploading. Keep up the quality. Also, just be you, don’t try and fit in with how you want people online to perceive you. I was always so careful and tiptoed around what I used to say on camera, however over the past few months, I’ve left my cheeky comments in the edits as well as the occasional swearing because at the end of the day, that’s who I am. Your audience will respect authenticity.

What’s next for you (and your channel)?


Hmm…I’m not entirely sure. I will always continue to upload and share my adventures with my audience, however I would love to keep on documenting my adventures through Africa, especially more on the conservation side. I feel like this trip has shown us that we have only just touched the ice-berg of exploring this diverse and beautiful place. I would also like to be more involved in the production side of things, helping to produce trips or small-scale films.

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  • matthew Leeto

    Awesome seeing your interview here! Been a long time subscriber to your channel 🙂 Got to say, I miss some of your surfing videos 🏄‍♀️ Keep ripping it up!

  • elaineowens1

    Nicole – LOVE the editing style 😍 Similar question, are you using any plug-ins for Premiere?

    • Nicole Eddy

      Hi Elaine 🙂 Thanks so much! I actually don’t, but I might consider installing a few to enhance my colour-grading as that’s a big weak point for me.

  • Rebecca Grana

    Hi Nicole! Your style of vlogging is so down-to-earth and simple. I love it. I also really like your intro – the animation where you have the backpack on. Was that done by yourself on Premiere? Or did you use a outside service? I would like to something similar to my vlogs as well.

    • Nicole Eddy

      Thanks so much Rebecca 🙂 So, I used a girl from SA who is a genius when it comes to animation. I pretty much gave her free-reign with the intro & she came up with that magic. Her links are in the description of my videos if you want to look at her work.

      • Rebecca Grana

        Oh – thanks for sharing! I tried some freelancers on Fiverr but wasn’t too satisfied.