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David Seymour

‘‘ Since 2009, I’ve changed channels 4 times and posted way too many different types of videos for me to count. ’’

By David SeymourAugust 6, 2017

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Hi David, can you briefly describe your channel (David Seymour) to new viewers?

Hey! On my channel, you’ll see me re-create popular Buzzfeed and Tasty recipes. I check to see if they are as easy and tasty as advertised. I also have other fun DIY and home improvement videos on the channel.

What compelled you to start making videos on Youtube?

Pure boredom. I started my first channel back in 2009 which was during 8th grade – an extremely awkward and lonely time for me.

Since 2009, I’ve changed channels 4 times and posted way too many different types of videos for me to count.

[Daniel: It is interesting to see the various concepts that David experimented with in the early days of his channel. The initial concepts did not resonate with a large audience (see example video below), but they were exciting enough for him. He continued to make videos on Youtube, pivoting his channel focus over the years and eventually came up with the fun concept of testing popular Buzzfeed recipes.]

You’ve replicated 85+ Buzzfeed recipes. What is your overall success/failure rate with these recipes?

If I had to guess, I’d say that about 85% of the recipes come out looking similar to the original video. Although that may seem like a fairly respectable success rate, I’d say only about 50% deliver in appearance, taste and the same ease of creation as portrayed in their original videos.

If you want to try a Buzzfeed recipe at home, I’d highly recommend any of the pizza-related recipes: Pizza Mac and Cheese (video below), Pizza Cones, Pizza Dip. They are easy and delicious!

Has Buzzfeed ever responded to your videos?

Although they have never directly reached out to me or referenced me on social media, I have a sneaking suspicion that they keep a close eye on my videos.

[Daniel: One of David’s fan also submitted a Change petition against Buzzfeed. The petition states that Buzzfeed claimed one of David’s recipes as their own without giving him credit!]

What is your weekly schedule for Youtube? Have you found any effective techniques that reduce the number of hours spent in any particular workflow?

I try to devote different days for different tasks. For example, Monday might be for filming the actual cooking process. Tuesday for the intro, outro and voice over. And Wednesday for editing. For me, this reduces the pressure of an upload schedule and still leaves time in each day for stress-free activities.

[Daniel: This method works if you are uploading 1-2 videos per week.]

What were the most effective marketing channels you used in reaching 10K subscribers?

The 3 most crucial parts of starting off and continued growth are SUN: Social media, Uploading consistently and Networking. Too often, I see smaller Youtubers aimlessly posting videos without promoting them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Give yourself every opportunity for potential new viewers to find you! Upload consistently, and don’t be afraid to reach out to other Youtubers in any way possible. You’d be surprised how willing some Youtubers are to collaborate and trade ideas and strategies!

Your channel has recently passed 200K subscribers. Did your sub rate grow at a steady pace or hit an inflection point and grow exponentially?

David Seymour - Youtube-GrowthObviously, the beginning of the Buzzfeed tests is what ignited the sub growth. I had around 900 subscribers at the time, and have steadily grown ever since.

[Daniel: Note that it took a series of Buzzfeed recipe review videos (~15+ videos) to trigger exponential subscriber growth. The growth was not triggered by one video! My guess is that new visitors want to see consistency in content before subscribing.]

You frequently ask your fans to help you reach an “X” # of likes. Does setting an target increase the number of likes on a video?

Yes! I try not to hound my viewers with it, but every so often I do set a collective goal of likes that the viewers successfully hit the majority of the time.

[Daniel: Instead of asking viewers to simply “like” a video, you can challenge viewers to collectively help you reach an X number of likes for a video.]

What is your content strategy for Twitter and Instagram?

I always post the video link to each new upload on Twitter, and promote it on my Instagram story. Besides that, I tend to post whatever comes to mind on all other occasions.

What were your biggest mistakes, or biggest wastes of time/money in growing your channel?

I always wish I never resorted to spamming Twitter users with that infamous generic auto DM. Not only does it not work, but it portrays you as a laughably desperate Youtuber willing to irritate 10 people just to potentially get 1 to watch you. (Don’t do it!)

What do people ask you that you wish they never did?

”How much money do you make?”

What’s next for David Seymour?


More Buzzfeed tests, DIY’s and hopefully some new video genres!

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  • matthew Leeto

    David, you some hardcore fans! Cool to see that they even submit a change petition on your behalf.

  • elaineowens1

    Hey David, what an interesting topic you have found! I was always skeptical of those Buzzfeed videos that popped up on my FB feed. Looks like you can be the gate-keeper for recipes to try at home 🙂