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Andrew Applepie

‘‘ Success is... when I don’t have to worry about money, I can do what I love, I’m around the people I love, and my parent’s don’t have to worry about me. ’’

By Andrew ApplepieNovember 1, 2017

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Hi Andrew, can you briefly describe your music for new listeners?

Sweet electronicly influenced music on hip hop beats. Here is one of my most popular songs, “I’m So”.

How did you come up with Applepie? Tell us about your background and how you turned music into a full-time living.

My dad used to call me that (Andrew Applepie) when I was little. Plus, I also enjoy applepie very much.

I did my masters in clinical psychology and then worked as a research assistant with a focus on phobia treatment in virtual reality. Here is a video about me:

I used to play in a band and also did some stuff (title song for a german movie) but I couldn’t live off of it. I always used to make beats on the side for fun/while traveling.

One day I sent my beats to Casey Neistat and that gave me big exposure.

Then I just tried to do as much as I can, connect with other YouTubers, making lots of tunes and videos, trying to change it up and keep it fresh 😉

[Daniel: Many vloggers and YouTubers in general are on the hunt for new music. If you are making beats/tracks, try reaching out to emerging YouTubers. You can also try your luck with Casey here]

Among artists, there is limited transparency on the business side. Can you breakdown the income channels?

Around 55% of my total revenue is from digital streams and sales. (And if we look closer at the digital streams and sales, it is 90% Spotify, 8% iTunes, 2% rest). The other 45% of total revenue come from a mix of Bandcamp, Patreon and sync deals. I grouped this last portion into an ‘other’ because it varies a lot.

I am also starting to play some gigs soon, that might change some things. Plus, take on little music jobs on the side that are not ApplePie related 😉

Which of those income source are driving growth?

All of them in their own fields I think. Still keeping at it via promotion and reaching out to contacts.

[Daniel: I add a recently published infographic by Digital Music News below that shows pay-per-stream and user base of all the major music streaming services. Surprisingly, Napster pays out the most, but their user base is the smallest. Conversely, YouTube pays the least but has the largest audience. That makes sense. The fourth column is also very interesting – it estimates the ‘plays need to earn min. wage’. The chart indicates that an artist needs roughly ~380K plays on Spotify to earn a wage of $1472/month.]


Who do you consider successful and why?

For me success is something very subjective. But I can define it as… when I don’t have to worry about money, I can do what I love, I’m around the people I love and my parent’s don’t have to worry about me 😀

Many artists on SoundCloud charge YouTube creators to use their music. But you do not. Why not?

I don’t like the idea of making people pay for my tunes. Each creator may be in a very different financial position. So I do everything with the pay-as-much-as-you-like basis. This model seems to work well 🙂

But I should note that my music is not free for businesses and promotional purposes

“I’m So” is one of my favorite songs from your collection. Can you explain how you made the song?

It’s kind of a longer story although the final tunes was made pretty quickly. I was in the studio with my band and a producer and I was in a little bit of a pain. So when I got home, I wrote a couple of sad tunes on the piano and tried producing them myself. A little later, I chopped up these songs and remade them into “I’m So” and  “Almost Like This”.

If you are curious to see how the actual process, here is one example…

Can you share with us the Top-5 most essential gear in your workflow?

And for editing, I am using Ableton Live + Pro Tools.

And what music are you listening to these days?

I have been regularly updating my playlist on Spotify with my favorite tunes. Take a listen below

What is a personal mantra or quote that you try to live by?

I live by the golden rule: Treat people the way you want to be treated

What tips would you give to new artists who want to turn music into a full-time living?

Be persistent but don’t get bitter, if you’re starting to get frustrated, do something else and keep making music on the side. For me, music is not about success but rather something that feels nice. So not enjoying it kind of defeats its own purpose 😀

Finally, what’s next for Andrew Applepie?

Andrew Applepie - YouHacker-Thumbnail

Meeting some cool people 😀 It’s gonna be on my YouTube. I am also releasing a feature album with some very cool artists (I think some time in December)!

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  • Matt Leese

    Hi Andrew. Your music sounded oddly familiar. Now I knew why – all the YT vlogs. I had one question… what’s the best way to support indie artist like yourself? Stream your music on Spotify.

  • davinelaine2

    First time hearing your music – relly like it. Played it on my way home in the car. Big ups man