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‘‘ People always ask questions about the process, but we can't fully describe in one sentence what we do to create those beautiful pictures. ’’

By Murad & Nataly OsmannNovember 27, 2017

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The Love Story.

Why did you select this particular photo to represent your love story?

Murad: Our love started back in 2011, when we accidentally made the first #FollowMeTo photo. And this photo shows where that trip has brought us. It’s not the end, though, it’s a new beginning.

Can you tell us about how you two first met? What is the story?

Nataly: We met at the shooting where I was invited by our mutual friend. Back then, we were just friends who had breakfasts together, and went to galleries or museums. When we became a couple, I went to Barcelona where Murad was on a business purpose. As he already told you, in Barcelona, we made our first #FollowMeTo photo which you can check on @muradosmann account.

Murad, what was it about Nataly that made you want to marry her?

Murad: I respect Nataly’s vision of the family, the relationship with her parents shows what a person she is. For me, it’s important how she treats her family, how she cares about them.

Nataly, what was it about Murad that made you want to marry him?

Nataly: I guess, it’s all about the number of qualities he has. It always has been important for me that my man has courage, talent, sense of humor and ability to take responsibilities. These and many other things made me think he was the one for me!

What is the worst advice that you hear being shared often regarding relationships/marriage?

Nataly: It’s hard to remember, because people who are close to me, they don’t give useless or bad advise. However, I can share the best advise – take everything with humor!

The Come Up.

That very little is needed to make a happy life .

A post shared by Nataly Osmann (@natalyosmann) on

Why did you select this particular photo to represent your come up?

Nataly: It reminds me of times when we just started our relationship, we didn’t have an idea what life prepared for us!

What were your professional backgrounds before turning full-time on Instagram? What made you quit your previous job/project and focus on Instagram?

Murad: I graduated Imperial College, and my specialization was civil engineering. Then I founded a production company – Hype Production. We create music videos, ads, films. It’s my main job. The film we produced, “The Student” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov, won the Francois Chalais award during Cannes Film Festival, and that was a great honor for me and my team.

Nataly: It has always been a dream to become a journalist, and now I’m a columnist in different international magazines. Being an influencer, I do some journalist job like creating a content, writing, communicating with audience. #FollowMeTo is definitely a huge part of our life, but we also have a brand of non-conflict diamonds Follow Your Love and there’s an online shop FollowMeTo coming!

How did you come up with the concept for #FollowMeTo?

Murad: Photography has always been my passion and I took pictures because I loved to. We posted #FollowMeTo photos for fun and our audience was our friends. Some people said it was boring and we had to do something new. But we did what we enjoyed and that became popular.

Nataly: One day we realized that Reddit made a post about us, then Daily Mail posted an article about #FollowMeTo, and after that we decided to continue travelling and discovering the world with our followers watching us. Today we have a team of 11 people, and yes, now we have a concept, but back then we just did what we loved to.

What is something that people never ask you guys, but wish they did?

Nataly: People always ask questions about the process, but we can’t fully describe in one sentence what we do to create those beautiful pictures. In our YouTube channel, we show the details of our trips and reveal the secrets of creating the #FollowMeTo photos. For example, in our latest series about Lake Baikal, you can see how we are looking for a location for shooting.

The Instagram Shot.

Why did you select this particular photo?

Murad: Now we are in process of launching the series about Lake Baikal. It’s a must-visit place for all the travel addicted people, who want to get new experience. We were there in winter when the lake was frozen, and it was so cold, but we followed our route and did everything we were planning to do.

Nataly: That picture was taken during dog sledding ride. It’s one of my favorite shots so far! Those huskies and malamutes were so funny, and they didn’t want to pose for a photo! Nevertheless, we made great shots with them. We believe that there are many worth-seeing places in Russia, and Lake Baikal is one of them.

What camera (and lens) did you use for this shot? Do you have a preferred camera setting or variables that you will always check/adjust before shooting food?

Murad: Mostly, I use Sony Alpha7, Canon 5D or Canon Mark2  with large 16/35 lens.

What other variables are you experimenting with to improve overall aesthetics of the shot?

Murad: I believe that camera and other features are overestimated in society. When I started to make #FollowMeTo photos, I used my IPhone and Camera+ app.

What kind of editing or touch-ups do you apply to the shot before publishing? Are there any apps, software or plugins that you regularly use and would recommend to others?

Murad: I won’t surprise you – I use only Photoshop to add some magic as if you’re in fairytale. While shooting and editing, we do not misrepresent places, we shoot at real locations.

What has been your favorite Top-3 destination to shoot so far?

Nataly: India, Mauritius, Myanmar. It’s all about the people who make our trips unforgettable. In every country, we meet a lot of locals who help us with good advise. One of our most popular photos is the one from India. This picture even made covers for one of our books and National Geographic magazine!

The Success.

Why did you select this particular photo?

Murad: As Nataly has already mentioned, this photo is special for us. It’s one of those pictures that has a lot of feedback from followers. As you can see, we create content for our audience, and their opinion is the most important thing that matters. We keep in touch with our followers, answer to their questions and ask them their opinion. When we see that some photo touched hearts of so many people, it makes us work better and better. Here is some more behind-the-scene footage from the India shot.

How do you make money? What are your different source of incomes?

Nataly: Murad has a production company, and I work as a journalist. Also, we have a brand of non-conflict diamonds Follow Your Love. Soon we will open an online shop where you can buy accessories, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Sometimes we collaborate with brands, but only those who shares the same ideology with us. We are very selective when it comes to brands. The Cuba video is an example of such a collaboration.

Who comes to mind when you think of the word “successful”? Why?

Murad: I think it’s when you do what you enjoy, when you love your job. I also believe that there’s no limits of success, I mean, it’s not correct to say something like “I’m successful”. We should always achieve new heights.

After finding large success with Instagram, what has become more important to you and what has become less important?

Nataly: Nothing has changed. We never had the goal to become influencers, we did what we loved and always were open with our audience. I guess, that’s why people follow us. We communicate with them like we do with friends – ask advice, share personal stories, answer their questions.

What’s next for you?


Murad: Now we are focused on our YouTube channel FollowMeTo, produce series about our trips, prepare for launching an online shop.

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