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Brunch Boys

‘‘ At the end of the day, my job is show off how amazing food is, and how much fun this whole world is. ’’

By Jeremy JacobowitzNovember 13, 2017

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The Daily Grind.

Why did you select this video to represent your daily grind?

This is my favorite video I have produced so far. I think with every video I want to respect the food, and try and convey just how much work, and how much deliciousness comes with every dish, and I think this does the best job of that.

What time are you waking up? Tell us more about your morning routine.

I wake up around 6:15 every day and the first thing I do is work out. When your job involves food, its really important to get off to a healthy start and stick to it as much as possible

And what is a typical workday for Jeremy? Can you break it down hour-by-hour?

No one day is exactly the same but its a mix of shoots, which i typically have one of a day, meetings, events, and then the majority of the work is just sitting in front of my computer. It’s emails, and editing photos and videos, and everything else that goes into running your own business.

Do you have any personal goals or habits that you are working on lately?

Just continue to produce cool and engaging content that Im happy with!

From 1-10 (10 being a ‘dream job’), how satisfied are you with your job? What would be required for for a rating of 9 or 10?

It’s a 10. I was a food tv producer before this, so to me I’m still doing the same job as always, except now I make all the decisions.  Which is a much better feeling.

The Come Up.

Why did you select this photo to represent your come up?

At the end of the day, my job is show off how amazing food is, and how much fun this whole world is. And what’s more fun than eating a slice of Pizza thats bigger than my torso?

What were you working on before turning full-time on Instagram? What made you pivot or quit?

I worked in TV for over a decade, first in sports and than in food TV. The intention wasn’t really to quit my job, just to take a little break, since I was burnt out from being on the road for about 9 straight months.  But Brunch Boys took off and I never went back to TV.

How did you come up with the concept for #BrunchBoys?

I just wanted to make a fun brunch online series between my TV gigs.  I originally wanted to call it “The Boys Who Brunch” but that name was taken by another online series, so I just looked at every combo that was similar until i found what I could own across the most platforms.  I’m much happier with Brunch Boys!

How did you develop your skills and style in food photography? What was your learning method? Any particular helpful resources you would recommend?

When I worked in TV one of my many tasks was to make food look as good as possible, so even though I wasn’t doing the actual shooting, I had in my head what I wanted the shots to be. When I started running the account, I really had no experience taking photos. So I self-taught myself how to shoot and edit, and I’m still learning everyday.  If I see a technique that I really like, I’ll search for Youtube videos on how that was accomplished.

The Instagram Shot.

Best FRIES ever! From @shayarestaurant #Brunchboys

A post shared by Brunch Boys-NYC Food Lifestyle (@brunchboys) on

Why did you select this photo to represent your Instagram shot?

This is the most liked photo I’ve ever posted. Even the second time I posted it, it got over 30k likes.

What camera (and lens) did you use for this shot? Do you have a preferred camera setting for shooting food?

I have a Canon 5D mark iv and switch between the 50mm lens and the 24-70mm.  I shoot everything in manual, which means I’m looking and adjusting almost every setting before I take a photo. Its truly the only way to have full control over what you are doing.

What other variables (in the restaurant) are you experimenting with to improve aesthetics before taking the shot?

The only thing im worried about is lighting, and where in the restaurant am I getting the most natural light.

How long does it normally take for a shoot?

The shot takes a second, but usually I’ll leave a restaurant with over 200 photos which I then have to go through and figure out which ones are the best. That process takes much longer.

What kind of editing or touch-ups do you apply to the shot before publishing? Any software or plugins that you regularly use and would recommend to others?

I edit everything with Adobe Lightroom.  Again, It comes down to have full control over your photos, and since I shoot in RAW, I can truly manipulate them in any way.

The Success.

Why did you select this photo to represent success?

I have lived in NYC and the NYC suburbs my whole life, and that means that I have consumed FAR too many bagels, and this is my favorite combo. Egg Bagel with Scallion Creamcheese, Lox, and Avocado!  This has saved my life far too many mornings.

Who comes to mind when you think of the word “successful”?

I think that’s all internal, and having success is whatever makes you happy, and whatever you want it to me.

Any particular mantras or personal quotes that you live by?

I just alway believe in outworking everyone.

What has become more important to you and what has become less important?

TIME! I feel like I have none of it with how busy I am, so I try to make the most out of every second.  Sadly, some of my hobbies have become less important. Sports and video games which were always such a big part of my life have taken a bit of a back seat.

What’s next for you?

Jeremy Jacobowitz - Brunch Boys - YouHackers

Just to continue to produce and grow the brand!

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