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What is YouHackers?

YouHackers is a place where content creators share candidly about their growth. They explain how they earn a (full-time) living from their content. Each interview covers the creator’s backstory and lessons learned in content planning, editing, marketing and monetization. New creators, fans and brand representatives come to read and learn from these interviews.

What’s behind the name “YouHackers”?

YouHackers comes from “You” and “Growth Hacking”.  YouHackers are content creators who are hustling to make a living off their content – continuously testing new ways to increase their subscriber base and boost their earnings! The formula for growth is no secret: (1) Focus on content quality (2) Maximize channel exposure (3) Increase monetization rates. Sounds simple enough, no?

Well, easier said than done.

Here, creators share their failures, successes and lessons learned. #MyTwoCents.

Who are you?


A YouTuber named Daniel. My channel provides walkthroughs on home-cooked Korean recipes. Before YouTube, I worked in a business development role for startups and global companies. I left the corporate world to spend time on solving problems that I found interesting. For more on my backstory, read my interview.

Why did you start YouHackers?

Content creators spend long hours in the SAME work areas: content planning, filming (recording), editing, marketing and monetization. Yet there is a lack of information flow between creators. We make the same mistakes.

There is also knowledge to be shared between creators from different mediums. As a content creator, we are focused on growing our audience. Often times, this is done by extending our reach in new mediums. YouTubers starting podcasts. Podcasters creating video. Same for artists on SoundCloud. Why not learn from each other?

YouHackers aims to become the largest, most trusted online community for content creators to learn and share their knowledge.

Who is eligible for a creator interview?

You are eligible if you can answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  • Are you routinely publishing content?
  • Do you have an average of at least 1K new subscribers per month?
  • An opinion?

Please note that our eligibility requirements will change as our site grows.

I am eligible – what is the next step?

Simple – just fill out the pre-interview form. (Should take around ~5 minutes.) It provides me with the background data I need to customize your interview questions. I (Daniel) will then send you interview questions via email. For more details on the process, read submit interview.

Do you verify the subs/month number?

No, we do not. We are on a good faith policy  – take all numbers and statements from the interviews with a grain of salt. If you plan to make decisions based off interview statements, reach out to the creator and double-check your assumptions.

How do you fund YouHackers?

It’s coming out of our pockets. When our traffic grows larger, we will need to offset rising operating costs. We will most likely start with ads and/or sponsored content. But perhaps we will think of something more clever. Rest assured, we will communicate any changes via our blog.

What is the vision for the site?

In the first phase, we will focus on sourcing and publishing (awesome) interviews with YouTubers. Then, we will interview the larger content creator community – reaching bloggers, podcasters, music artists and social media influencers. Any creator who has found success in turning their creative passion into a full-time living.

We will also roll-out community features like forums, link-sharing and collaboration tools. If you have other good suggestions, let us know.

What’s the best way to contact you?

Ping us on Twitter. For business inquiries, email us here.